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Фестиваль голландского кино "Оранжевые дни"

место - 35ММ - Большой зал ЦДП
время - 27 апрела - 1 мая

27 апреля

Shouf shouf habibi! - 18:30
Writing credits & Directed by Albert Ter Heerdt

it's about 4 youngsters from morocco who are dreaming of a rich, wonderful life. the oldest son works as a police officer and he has everything he could dream of..the second son has a hard time to get a job..and most of all...to keep it!!! he has some friends who wants to robe a bank..and they are making a plan..but they make a huge mistake..they are picking the wrong time.. it is a movie about the culture of morocco and they are making fun of
IMDB 6.0/10

Жена Имеператора - 21:00 Directed by Julien Vrebos; Writing credits Paul Ruven
+ Jonathan Rhys-Meyers .... Chamberlain :)

At an undisclosed location and time an Empress has 7 years to provide het Emperor with an heir to his throne. If she does not succeed during this time, the Emporer is free to marry a different girl. The Emperor's devoted chamberlain helps the Emperor to choose the right girl. This throws the four people into a power struggle.

28 апреля четверг

Эллис в стране гламура - 19:00 Directed by Pieter Kramer; Writing credits Mischa Alexander

This film could well have been made by Hollywood, situated in New York or Los Angeles. But as it happened, it's Dutch and set in The Hague. Other than that, it's just a thirteen-a-dozen romantic comedy. Now traditionally the Dutch have always been monumentally bad at making films like these. They were either overly artistic (and thus boring) or the production quality was so bad it makes Ed Wood look like Steven Spielberg. But as I said, this one is not that bad really. A bit of My Fair Lady, a hint of Bridget Jones, throw in Joan Collins for good measure and voila, a nice little flick you can watch and then forget about. It's not exactly an advertisement for Dutch cinema (like Zusje, Van God Los, Phileine zegt Sorry) but you won't evacuate the theater in a blind panic either

Открытие ретроспективы Яна Керкхофа:
Музы - посвящение Яна Керкхофа Фестивалю
Похороны - Мировая премьера
Вестерн 4.33 - 21:00

29 апреля пятница

Фелиция просит прощения - 19:00 Directed by Robert Jan Westdijk; Writing credits Ronald Giphart (novel); Robert Jan Westdijk

A Dutch girl is getting sick of always losing her boyfriends, so when she loses her newest "gain" she decides to follow Max (her friend) to New York where he's starting a carreer as an actor. Soon she finds herself in the most bizarre situations like doing "harry & sally"'s famous faked orgasm scene, judging everyone, starting fights and visiting the theatre to find out her boyfriend is "doing" other girls On Stage.

Ретроспектива Яна Керкхофа: Ко всем чертям! - 21:00

30 апреля суббота

В оранжевом 17:00
Directed by Joram Lürsen; Writing credits Frank Ketelaar
An 11 year old talented soccerplayer, Remco, has one big dream: to be selected for the national team under 14 years. His father Erik coaches him and everything seems to work out fine, until Erik suddenly dies. Remco and mother Sylvia are shocked. Remco keeps working to fulfil his dream, being helped by his friends Anne and Winston.

Девушки из рая - 19:00 Directed by Fow Pyng; Writing credits Fow Pyng Hu
Paradise Girls is about three young women, Miki, Pei Pei and Shirley, who are going through an emotional phase in their lives in different places in the world. Their initially carefree lives have each been disrupted by men: a boyfriend, a father and a young son. Each girl's individual reaction on these recent misfortunes illustrates a determination as well as a subconscious love of life that is so characteristic to their age.

Shouf shouf habibi! - 20:45

Ретроспектива Яна Керкхофа: Шабондамская элегия - 22:30

1 мая воскресенье

Программа анимационных фильмов - 15:00
Программа короткометражных фильмов - 17:00

Бойцовая рыбка - 19:00 Directed by Jamel Aattache; Writing credits Jamel Aattache, Kim Ho Kim

Fighting Fish is the first martial arts film produced and set in the Netherlands, about a young Chinese man from Hong-Kong, who travels to the west when he hears that his brother was killed during fight between two gangs in Rotterdam. When he arrives he immediately puts his raging fists to use when he tries to take revenge on the gang that killed his brother. But soon he realizes that nothing is what is seems, and he tries to find the true story behind his brother's death. But his search for the truth gets an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a Dutch girl, with all kinds of trouble as a result...

Ретроспектива Яна Керкхофа: La sequence des Barres Paralleles
Мертвец 2: возвращение мертвеца
10 монологов из жизни серийных убийц 21:00

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